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Whether you want to create your Portfolio or update your current Portfolio, EvV Models Teams are here to see you through the process.

We have two Types of Portfolio Development:

Basic (Golden) & Premium (Platinum)



The Golden is Ideal for updating an existing Portfolio, the Golden features are:

  • 3 Hours Photo-shoot along with

  • 3 Outfits of different looks,

  • Hair & Make-up is included in the Golden.

After the Photo-shoot, you will get:

  • 10 re-touched images,

  • your personal e-Portfolio will be created on our website.



The Platinum is mostly ideal for New Faces and Models who want to create their Portfolio from scratch, the Plaintum features are:

  • 5 Hours Photoshoot along with

  • 5 Outfits with

  • Hair & Make-up done by our professionals.

  • The Photoshoot scene is Indoor and Outdoor with

  • upto 5 different scenes.

After the Photo-shoot, you will get:

  • 15 re-touched images,

  • your personal e-Portfolio will be created on our website along with your Z-Card,

  • you will also receive 20 printed Z-Cards for your use.

  • You will also be scheduled with one of our professional mentors for a 4 Hour Model Mentoring.


comp card (also called composite card, z card, zed card or sed card) is a marketing tool for actors and especially models. They serve as the latest and best of a model's portfolio and are used as a business card.

The Z card dates back to the sixties, but they were a generic industry standard by 1990. People across a range of professions often carry a z card; typically those in the public eye where a CV simply won’t do. It’s basically a portable version of the portfolio, featuring a select few of the best images that you have. Additionally, they feature a range of stats and contact information, too.


Let your personality shine through with one of our vivid motion pictures in a variety of looks and locations!   


Frequently asked Questions about Showreels:

What is a Showreel?

A showreel is a short promotional video that showcases the work of an Actor, Artist or a Model.  A showreel is the Model’s main marketing tool as it acts as a f visual CV or Resume.

What makes a Showreel?

Showreels usually consist of excerpts from an actor’s or model’s television, film or show work that has been professionally edited together into a smooth running sequence.

For those without any film or television or show credits, short scenes and monologues can be filmed and then edited into a showreel sequence by a professional showreel production company.

What are Showreels used for?

A showreel is an excellent way for agents to promote the individual to a Casting Director or Director with the aim of gaining a screen test. Showreels can also be used to gain representation from an agent or at least secure an initial interview.

What is the ideal length of a Showreel?

A well crafted showreel will leave the viewer wanting to see more and so a running time of no more than 5 minutes is ideal. In essence the shorter and punchier the showreel the better, as most Casting Professionals have limited time to view material and will usually make up their mind about an actor within the first 30 seconds.

Showreels for Models

It has become increasingly common for Models to use a showreel to promote their work in commercials and acquire work in the glamour industry.

Showreels for Artists

An artist showreel is a powerful way to visually portray a portfolio of work in an accessible and powerful medium.  A montage of an artists work filmed in high definition and edited together with music, movement and transitions is a highly effective marketing tool for websites and exhibitions.

Showreel Services

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