EvV® Models offers you the chance to discover your modelling potential and equip you with the tools that can help you get signed and promoted into professional modelling work.

A portfolio is an essential tool for a model to gain professional work. It is a collection of professionally shot images that is ultimately your visual modelling CV used to advertise your skills and abilities in front of the camera.

Although professional images are not needed to apply to agencies a portfolio is something that they will need to market you in the future and you can use to market yourself to freelance opportunities. It is almost impossible to be put forward for or apply to castings without one, as agents and casting directors will want to see that you have the confidence, experience and natural ability in front of the camera before offering you paid work.

Comp Cards are a modelling version of business cards and like a portfolio they show your versatility and scope as a model.

Unlike your portfolio that will stay with you throughout your career as a model. A Comp Card can be handed out and left with potential clients and agencies.

Polaroids, also known as “digitals,” are a model’s best friend.

Whether you’re a new model who has never done an official photo shoot or a model with years of experience, good Polaroids are a gateway to better shoots and more work.

Since it is standard industry practice for agencies and casting directors to request Polaroids, it’s a good idea to include these in your Model portfolio where you can easily access them.

Agency digitals used to be taken with a Polaroid camera, hence the name. These days, “Polaroids” don’t need to come from a Polaroid camera. A digital camera is fine!

What are Polaroids?

Polaroids show what you look like when you walk through the door. It’s important for photographers and casting directors to know what you look like before the makeup, hair, lighting and Photoshop.

“Clients trust Polaroids,” said potential photographer, he added, “They assume you are going to show up for a casting or job with the same hair, weight and general appearance as in your Polaroid.”

How to Take Polaroids

How do you take a perfect set of Polaroids?

First, these should not be professional photos. If you have a friend with a decent quality digital camera, that will be ideal.

Do not wear makeup or style your hair. You want these photos to showcase your unaltered look.

The best time to take the photos is during the day.

Try to find a white or off-white wall to shoot in front of, preferably in the shade or on an overcast day.

Direct sunlight can be too harsh for a quality Polaroid.

While different agencies and jobs call for different things, it is hard to go wrong with Polaroids in swimwear, but if you’re not sure feel free to clarify with the agency or casting director.

This will show not only what your hair and face look like, but your body. It will show if you have tattoos, scars or tan lines and how easily concealable they are, which is important for casting directors to know when choosing talent.

Wearing heels is the one “cheat” you get, which will lean and lengthen your frame.

While the combinations can be left partly up to you as a model, generally it’s good to include a full-body front photo with a relaxed pose, a close up face photo, a three-quarter profile and a full profile shot.

Keep it Simple

Having great poses in your arsenal is important for a model, but this is not the place for them. You want your poses to be natural and relaxed. If you’re having trouble looking relaxed, remember to breathe. You don’t have to get the perfect photo in one shot. Take a few minutes to try different things and then review the photos to see what works and what doesn’t.

Your first impressions as a model are very important.
Modelling is a competitive industry, like all professional models we also know that modelling needs more than just good looks.
You need to be able to perform 100% in every shoot and create and hold amazing poses to be successful.

EvV Models Support & Mentoring are designed to give you an amazing opportunity to gain an insight into the Modelling Industry and to learn the tricks to succeed in the Modelling world.

What types of Mentoring we offer…

At EvV Models we take pride in training and supporting all type of aspiring models and talent.

We designed various topics to choose from and get you started with the courses!

Group and Private sessions are available depending on individual needs.

Topics are:

  • Confidence & Motivation
  • Introduction to Modelling industry

The subjects included in these courses are:

  • Understanding the modelling lingo
  • Brands and Advertising
  • Model does and don’ts
  • Diet and Exercise
  • Industry Scams
  • Skin care, make up and grooming
  • Styling and wardrobe selection
  • Catwalk
  • Castings
  • TV Commercials
  • Model Portfolio development
  • Photographic modelling and shoot
  • How to walk like a professional catwalk model (including training on your posture, arm movements, facial expressions)
  • Working with a make-up & hair stylist to give you tips on what to wear and what not to wear for your body type.
  • Techniques and tips on how to attend castings and interviews.
  • Model coaching throughout your photo shoot, teaching valuable tips on how to have a good and strong pose depending on your outfits.
  • Working with professional photographers to create amazing images you can add on to your portfolio.
  • Booking paid modelling work
  • Finding a suitable agency
  • Graduation

Group Class – is a group of New Faces being mentored by our team members, theory and practical is involved. Our mentors will assess the group needs and provide guidance, support and understanding into the industry.

Private Class – is a one on one session with one of our team members, where they assess your needs individually and create a personal plan tailored for you. They will work on you as individual, providing you bespoke guidance and support into the modelling industry.

You can book your Mentoring Sessions online from the list below:

32 Hours Course

  • 8hrs per day
  • Group Course
  • Private Course

No Hidden Charges, that is all you have to pay for the full course

64 Hours Course 

  • 8hrs per day
  • Group Course
  • Private Course

No Hidden Charges, that is all you have to pay for the full course